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Clear finish casting and top coating resin 

Pouring Depth

  • 10 - 15mm Clear Epoxy Resin without exceeding 15L per pour 
  • If completing a pour in stages the waiting time is around 2 - 3 hours or until it is firm or is in the gel stage.

  • First-time users, we suggest starting with doing 10 - 15ml pours at a time. 
  • Adding colours and metallic tints increase the curing speed which will also increase the heat and the chance of cracking. 
  • Mix with a drill mixer at a slow speed for 30 seconds running up the sides of the bucket to ensure the resin is completely mixed
  • Bubbles will normally release by themselves, if you need to remove bubble from the coating it is suggested to use a low heat gun from a distance of about 15 - 20cm waving the heat evenly across the top.
  • All porous surfaces should be primed with the same epoxy resin you are going to pour with to ensure the surface is completely sealed. This will eliminate the amount of bubbles that come out of the timber or substrate

Experienced Users Only – 90 minute cure with a 90°C Peak Exotherm in a 150ml cup.
Relatively quick curing, good for multiple small pours.